Your book

A Life Untold - Susan Butler - An example of an autobiography

Each book is beautifully printed in hardcover with a square layout measuring 8.3 x 8.3 inches (21 x 21 cm). In addition to the physical book, you will receive a free digital e-book to make it easy to share your story with friends and family via email. And of course, there are no limits on the number of additional hardcover books you can order.

Your interview

Image of the A Life Untold interface for writing your life story. Image shows the answering of one question.

Our process is based on Q&A to make it easy and fun for absolutely anyone to capture their life story in an authentic way. Your interview can be accessed via a private login where your story is securely saved. You can access your interview as many times as you like until you're finished.

We design your book

When we say that "we design your book", we're talking about a real person doing that design, not an automated computer program. That includes layout, typesetting and giving tailored recommendations where needed to ensure your final book looks great.

Q&A Format

A Life Untold - Susan Butler - Open Book

We leave your book in "Q&A format" so anyone that reads it feels like they're listening in on an incredible conversation with you. The magic of an interview is it’s fascinating to read — as soon as you hear a question you want to know the answer. And the answer says so much about who you are and the life you've led.

Take a look at a sample book here.

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