Don't leave your story untold

STEP 1: We interview you

Our team of experienced biographers will capture your life story through live phone interviews. We will ask you thought-provoking questions that prompt you to remember interesting events in your life. Over five separate one-hour interviews we will record your life story.

Step 2: We write your book

After our scheduled interviews are complete, we’ll put together a book that combines your questions, answers and photos to create your own captivating and professionally designed autobiography.

Step 3: We print & deliver your book

After you’ve approved the final draft of your book, we’ll send it off for printing and deliver it to your home. The first two books are included for free when you sign up and there are no limits on the number of copies you can order.

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What people say

“I strongly recommend A Life Untold to anyone who wants to write their life story. They worked with me, answered all my questions and offered suggestions. The turn around was fast. They were great. I LOVE MY BOOK.”

Yvonne | USA

“My Mum was thrilled when we gave A Life Untold to her for Christmas. She had previously talked about writing her life story but I think it may never have actually got off the ground.”

Sarah | AUS

“It’s a great concept. Anyone can write it. Better still, anyone can read the finished product.”

Robert | AUS

“My mother and I had a wonderful time reminiscing and answering the interview questions together. She is not in the best of health and it was of benefit to her to talk about and share the past with me. She was super excited and appreciative knowing that her life story would be written and presented in book form. Great way to connect closer with family.”

Karl | USA
“A Life Untold made being ‘an author’ so easy. The quick response with emails and the quality of the completed book is more than I hoped for. I am so anxious to give this to my mom for Christmas. It is a gift she will treasure always.”
Debbie | USA

“My book arrived this morning and I am absolutely thrilled. It is beautifully presented, I had not expected the pictures to be in colour – you have made my day.”

Helen | AUS

“Thank you so much! I love my book. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Doug | USA

“I’m ordering one for my mum, dad and grandma so our one year old daughter will be able to read their stories one day.  I’m a total fan.”

Rachel | AUS

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"Share your life's highs and lows, greatest lessons and words of advice."

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"A Life Untold makes preserving memories easy and allows anyone to leave a legacy gift to their family and loved ones."

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"An amazing gift your family will treasure forever."




Schedule a time for us to discuss your story and the goals you have for your book

Get to know us better and talk to the people who will interview you and write your story

We'll explain our process in detail and answer any questions you have



Schedule five hours of live interviews with our team who will capture your life story

We'll turn your interviews into a professionally designed autobiography of your life

Receive two copies of your book printed and delivered to your home (plus a digital e-book)

Prefer to write your own story? Take a look at our do-it-yourself packages here.

Get in touch

Please email us at or reach out on Facebook. Alternatively, feel free to call us on (213) 221 6095 (in the USA) or on (02) 8387 8289 (in Australia). We'd love to hear from you!