STEP 1: Take our interview

Complete an interview containing 101 thought-provoking questions that anyone can easily answer about their life. They’re broken down into different “life chapters” like childhood, work, love and more philosophical questions as well so nothing is missed.

Step 2: We design your book

Once you’ve reached the end of our interview, we’ll put together a digital e-book that combines your questions, answers and photos to create your own unique and professionally designed autobiography.

Step 3: We print & deliver your book

After you’ve approved the final draft of your book, you can purchase as many hardcover books as you like which we will print and deliver to you. There are no limits on the number of books you can order.

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A life story hardcover book designed by A Life Untold - Write an autobiography

What people say

“I wanted to speak to my children, grandchildren and all my future generations who I may never meet. I wanted to show them who I am, in my own words.”


“I’m no celebrity, but to my family who read my story and discovered a new side to who I am, I was more interesting than anyone famous!”


“I wanted to share my life with the ones I love most.”


“It was so much fun going on a journey of self discovery and publishing my very own book to preserve my story for future generations.”




$10 / month

Get access to our online interview with 101 thought-provoking questions about your life

We turn your life story into a professionally designed digitial e-book 

Order your life story as a beautifully printed hardcover book for $79


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Give a loved one the ability to record their life story into a captivaiting and professionally designed book

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions

Order your loved one's life story as a beautifully printed hardcover book for $79


Autobiographies can be difficult to write and hard to read. Our Q&A interview solves both of these challenges. We make it easy to write because the interview questions naturally prompt you to remember - and write down - interesting events in your life. Not everyone feels like a confident writer but absolutely anyone can answer questions. Best of all, loved ones that read your story will feel like they're sitting down with you and having a wonderful conversation about your life. It's your story, told your way, in your own words.
We know your story is unique so have taken the following steps to ensure our questions capture everything you want to say:
  1. We cover a broad range of "life chapters" including (but not limited to) relationships, childhood, family, work, children and more philosophical questions as well.
  2. We use open-ended questions to encourage meaningful answers that can branch off in any direction depending on your life experience.
  3. We give you the opportunity to add your own questions if you want to add anything specific.
It's your story, told your way, in your own words.
We've had people finish their life story in a single sitting. Others love the process and continually refine and expand their answers over many months. It's totally up to you!
With your permission, we carry out a standard spelling and grammar check for free. However, if you'd like a more thorough edit of your final book before printing, we can organise this too. Our editing service involves checking spelling and grammar, in addition to taking a close look at how your story is presented. It may involve lightly rewriting or reordering parts of your story to make it easier to understand. We charge $150 per 10,000 words for our editing service (this is the average length of an A Life Untold book). The final approval of all words before printing will always be in your control.
Absolutely. No autobiography is complete without photos. You can upload them in your interview and there are no restrictions on how many you can add. You can also upload colour or black-and-white images.
Your initial purchase with A Life Untold includes a digital e-book so you can easily share your story with friends and family via email. If you wish to order printed hardcover books our pricing is as follows:
# Books ordered
Price (USD)
1 to 4
$79 per book
5 to 9
$69 per book
10 or more
$59 per book
We offer free shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and the UK
Yes. A Life Untold makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or other special milestones. Our online interview is designed to make it easy for parents, grandparents and loved ones to answer at their own pace. Best of all, they'll get a beautifully designed hardcover book about their life at the end - and can order additional copies at a discounted rate to give to friends and family.

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